Drills / Technique / Warm up

Warm up; before any running
  1. Upper torso - sky reach, forward arm swing, backward arm swing, hip rotation
  2. Ankle - extend and rotate, all directions
  3. Walking, alternating knee to chest (every 3rd step)
  4. Walking, alternating leg lifts (every 3rd step)
  5. Lunges (5 reps each leg) - Front, Front with twist, Side, Back and to the Side, Back
4 minutes of easy running, then:
  1. lateral leg swing x 10, quiet upper body
  2. linear leg swing x 10, straight leg
  3. donkey lifts x 10, knee bent, lift heel upwards
  4. hurdle leg swing x 10; forward / backward
Dynamic Drills
  1. A-skip
  2. B-skip
  3. Quick Step
  4. Butt kicks
  5. Running high knees
  6. Scissor kick
  7. Bounding (forward / backward)
  8. Chassé
  9. Carioca
8 minutes of easy running.
2 minutes of fast running (strides, etc.)

Lunge Matrix Warm Up

A and B Skips

A-Skip Running Drill

B-Skip Running Drill




High Knees

High Knees

Butt Kicks

Butt Kicks

Quick Step

Scissor Kick - straight leg run

Carioca, A-Skip, B-Skip, Butt Kick, Quick Feet, Scissor Kick (Lauren Fleshman)

General Strength for Runners


Principles of Natural Running

This video is about running form, best demonstrated by running barefoot.

As the head strength and conditioning coach for the Oregon Project, physical therapist David McHenry is tasked with keeping 2012 Olympians Mo Farah, Galen Rupp, Dathan Ritzenhein and Matthew Centrowitz healthy.

Every week, McHenry puts each of them through three individual sessions targeting their deep rotator muscles in their core, hips and glutes that running often neglects. McHenry has adapted the most common exercises he puts his Olympians through, into exercises that runners of all levels can do and benefit from.

Christopher Newport University - Rupp Routine
We named this routine after Galen Rupp, as he and Alberto Salazar use it in their strength training. These exercises have been sequenced in a way that will help build not only strength, but neural patterning that coincides with proper running technique.