Meet - River Ridge High School - April 30, 2011

Competitor Numbers

The competitor numbers have been uploaded as a file attachment to this web page.  You can find the file at the bottom of this web page.  Or, click here.

Other Notes

  • Our uniform order has not arrived.  The sprinters have been asked to wear a black top and black shorts.  The distance athletes will wear their existing Spirit singlet and black shorts.  We have some additional singlets for those who might need them.  If parents can bring extras (especially if the sprinters will not be using theirs) it will be helpful. Do not be concerned.  The fact that we do not have a standard uniform will not be a problem on Saturday at this meet.
  • The sprint coaches put together 4x100m relay teams at practice on Thursday night.  We ask that those athletes be at the meet on Saturday by 8:30am.
  • There is a waiver form that needs to be signed by the parents.  Please find Coach Matthew Saturday morning to sign the waiver.
  • Each athlete will be given a competitor number that will be used throughout the developmental series of meets.  I will post this information on the web site tomorrow and will make it available to coaches.  The meet host is providing these competitor numbers based on our roster.  We've had a number of new athletes added this week, so I need to resubmit our roster data tomorrow to the meet host to get an updated set of competitor numbers.
  • Volunteers will be needed tomorrow for a variety of tasks.  If you are able to help, let Coach Matthew know.  No experience required.  However, the experience you gain will be useful when we host our own meet on May 21 at Alpharetta High School.  At our meet we will need at least 50% of our 110+ families to volunteer to help throughout the entire day.
  • When you arrive on Saturday find our team tent.  Find a coach.  If possible, have your competitor number (we will look it up if needed.)
Meet host: Walton Youth Track Club
Meet location: River Ridge High School, 400 Arnold Mill Road, Woodstock, GA 30188-2834
Meet start time: 8:00am, Saturday, April 30, 2011
Entry deadline: 10:00pm, Thursday, April 28 (meet day sign-up is allowed in developmental meets)
Relay athletes please have their entry submitted by Monday, April 25, to give coaches time to prepare teams.
However, we can sometimes accommodate 4x100m relay "walk-ons" the morning of the meet to fill in "gaps" on relay teams without enough athletes.
Useful links:
Spirit Track Club Parents, please complete the meet entry form (see below) for each of your athletes that intend to participate in the meet.

The athlete will participate in the age group determined by the athlete’s age as of December 31 of the current year.  See the USATF web site for the youth age group divisions.

An Extremely Important Note Regarding Estimated Track Event Start Times
The only event start time we can rely on is the 8:00am time provided by the meet host.
The estimated times listed may be completely wrong. They have been provided as a courtesy by the Spirit Coaches to give parents an idea of when a particular event may begin.  The actual starting times depend on the number of athletes participating, the number of heats involved, the weather and the ability of the volunteers to keep the meet running smoothly.

Start time (these are the only times known "for sure"):
  • Track: 3000m run - 8:00am
  • Field: javelin - 8:00am (for Youth, Intermediate, Young Men/Women)
Track Events (contested in the following order):
  • 3000m (start time 8:00am; remainder of events are a "rolling" start)
  • 4x100m Relay (estimated 9:00am; get there early to make sure all teams are ready)
  • 400m (estimated 10:00am)
  • 1500m (estimated 11:00am)
  • 100m (estimated 12:15pm)
  • 800m (estimated 1:15pm)
  • 200m (estimated 2:15pm)
  • 4x400m Relay (estimated 3:15pm)
Field Events:
  • javelin - 8:00am (for Youth, Intermediate, Young Men/Women)
  • shot put - 9:00am
  • long jump / triple jump(?) - 9:00am
  • high jump - 9:00am
  • mini-javelin (will start on the field immediately following the javelin competition)
  • discus - mid-morning
The other field events are typically available in a 1-4 hour window starting around 9:00am. Sometimes there are afternoon slots available, too.

Meet Entry