Meet - Lassiter Junior Cross Country - September 24, 2011

Lassiter Junior Cross Country Meet
Saturday, September 24th
McCleskey Middle School
4080 Maybreeze Road
Marietta, GA

The developmental meet entry form can be found here.
  • 8:00 am Packet pick-up at finish line. Pin numbers on front.
  • 8:15 am Walk-through (partial)
  • 9:00 am Sub-Bantam (race age 8 & under) 2,000 Meters
  • 9:30 am Bantam (race age 9-10) 3,000 Meters
  • 10:00 am Midget (race age 11-12) 3,000 Meters
  • 10:30 am Youth + Intermediate (13-14, 15-16) 3,000 M
Boys and girls run together, scored separately. Race age=age on Dec. 31st

Teams must submit roster by Wed. evening Sept. 21st
Teams must pay into USATF CC awards pool

Only park in designated parking spaces, all other paved areas are fire lanes
  • Overflow parking at Nicholson Elementary School across street
  • Back-lot parking only available if staying entire meet
School bathrooms and 2 porta-johns will be available
Alpha Crush Running Club,
Sep 12, 2011, 10:45 AM