Meet - Wheeler High School - October 14, 2012

Hosted by Walton Youth Track Club
Wheeler High School in Marietta, GA, which is located at 375 Holt Road, Marietta, GA 30068
Sunday, October 14, 2012

Division Boy Girl Total as of 10/11/12 at 05:35 AM EDT
Sub-Bantam 46 34 80
Bantam 75 73 148
Midget 104 92 196
Youth 93 73 166
Intermediate 5 2 7
Young 0 2 2
  323 276 599

From the meet director:
The course is relatively flat with some slight elevation changes and consist of packed sand, gravel and grass trails.  Parking and the course is located at the back of the school property behind the football stadium. At the back corner of the parking lot adjacent to the baseball field there will be a sign and a gravel trail that leads down to the start of the course area. This is where teams can set up their tents. We will not have course maps for our meet. 
Wheeler Coach Townsend - Spectators CANNOT BRING ANY DOGS OR PETS to the meet this weekend. If they do, they will be asked to leave.

As of 10/12/2012 8:19am

 Sub-Bantam 2000m run
 - Timmy Cole
 - Ryan Saturday

Bantam 3000m run
 - Aidan Kellermeyer

Midget 3000m run
 - Robert Chappell
 - Max Guo
 - Patrick Hablas
 - Walker Hils
 - Jack Hoben
 - Nick Lyon
 - Sean Rager
 - Adam Schaich
 - Mark Seaman
 - Connor Slawin
 - Nate Ware

Youth 4000m run
 - Sam Bowers
 - Ethan Fisher
 - Will Joyner
 - Owen McCarty
 - Bryce Meyer
 - Mitchell Odendahl
 - Patrick Schrock
 - Davis Tardif
 - Noah Terrell
 - Stewart Wood

Sub-Bantam 2000m run
 - Sydnie Behrmann
 - Clara Heppner
 - Heidi Heppner
 - Emily Slawin

Bantam 3000m run
 - Ella Terrell

Midget 3000m run
 - Claire Buchanan
 - Erin Cole
 - Jacqueline Davis
 - Celeste Greene
 - Caprice Konitshek
 - Samantha Lenox
 - Josie McClard
 - Calista Murray
 - Chloe Paskins
 - Ashley Robinson
 - Olivia Rickheim
 - Maggie Sloe

Youth 4000m run
 - Emily Bowers
 - Zoe Genet
 - Aurora Konitshek
 - Cathleen Mellor
 - Savanna Milam
 - Alyssa Milton
 - Lauren Olsen
 - Chloe Phelps
 - Kendall Rhoads
 - Kenedy Thorne

  • Alpha Crush Parents
    • Sign-up deadline is the Wednesday before the meet, 8:00pm
    • Alpha Crush parents, enter meet here
  • Coach O performance/entry list - to view the *real* meet entries; however, keep an eye on the "date last refreshed"
  • This is a USATF-sanctioned meet.
  • A USATF membership is *not* required.
  • See USATF calendar for additional sanctioned meets.
  • Award medals:
    • Top 10 individuals (Sub-Bantam, Bantam, Midget, Youth)
    • Top 5 individuals (Intermediate/Young combined)
    • Top 2 teams (Sub-Bantam, Bantam, Midget, Youth)
      • No team awards for Intermediate/Young
  • Results (and awards) will be available approximately 30 minutes after the completion of each race.  The SMART Athletics timing crew tabulates the results from each previous race as the next race is underway.  Unforeseen circumstances (lost bib # numbers, athletes running in wrong race) may affect the amount of time needed to prepare these results.
Meet Schedule:

12:45 PM Packet pick up
1:00 PM Course walk through
1:30 PM Sub Bantam girls & boys 2K
2:00 PM Bantam girls & boys 3K
2:30 PM Midget girls 3K
3:00 PM Midge boys 3K
3:30 PM Youth/Intermediate/Young girls 4K
4:00 PM Youth/Intermediate/Young boys 4K