Meet - Etowah High School - June 8, 2013

Meet host: Etowah Youth Track Club
Meet location: Etowah High School

Note: This page is for Alpha Crush parents, athletes and coaches.

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Note: This meet begins at 8:30 am with the 3000m race.

Parents, please read:

Parking Situation

From the Etowah meet director: We have an unfortunate parking issue going on.  While school is out and they finish up the new middle school, they decided to replace a good portion of the parking.  As such, the main entrance is not accessible.  Please update your athlete’s families on this. 

Per the attached image, please note that the main entrance, marked with a red square, is not accessible.  Everyone will need to enter per the green lines.  One is by a Bruster’s ice cream, east of the school.  The other is west, by tennis courts, noted by two green circles.  If entering the east entrance, they will need to follow the line around the new middle school to reach the rear parking.  If entering on the west side, they can park in the area by the tennis courts but spaces are limited.  The next location is on the very west side of the school, also noted by green circles.  If those are full, they can follow the green line behind the school to the rear parking lot.  When getting to the back of the school, it will appear almost as though they should not drive back there.  It is fine, they will drive on concrete through a couple of open yellow gates and return to blacktop at the rear parking lot.

We apologize for this inconvenience, the school went a bit further with the demolition than we expected or was informed of.