Meet - PTC Flash / USATF GA Association Preview Meet - November 2, 2013

Heritage Christian Church
2130 Redwine Rd, Fayetteville, GA 30215

Meet Entry:
Entry into the meet [for the general public] is handled by the Coach O registration system.  You can visit this page to view participating teams and see the performance list.  Entry for Alpha Crush team members is done here.
Note: Coach O has a new club/team registration methodology.  If you say your club/team is a "USATF Youth" type in the Team Settings, your roster can only be imported from the USATF National database.  Instead, I suggest you use "Parks & Recreation" to import your roster from another source, then change it back to USATF Youth as needed.

Alpha Crush Parents: Meet entry deadline 8:00 pm, Wednesday, October 30. Entry for Alpha Crush team members is done here.


8 & under Boys
  1. Joseph Beckman
  2. Timmy Cole
  3. Thomas Cross
9-10 Boys
  1. Eli Hoppenfeld
  2. Ryan Hoppenfeld
11-12 Boys
  1. Brennan Bower
  2. Jack Donovan
  3. Walker Hils
  4. Sean Rager
  5. Jackson Schutt
13-14 Boys
  1. JohnPaul Beckman
  2. Sebastian Bower
  3. Sam Bowers
  4. Robert Chappell
  5. Hayden Fravel
  6. Josh Gordon
  7. Patrick Hablas
  8. Camden Harman
  9. Jack Hoben
  10. Gavin Johnston
  11. Nick Lyon
  12. Samuel Milton
  13. Jack Rush*
  14. Chesson Sipling
  15. Zachary Tennessee
8 & under Girls
  1. Kylie Behrmann
  2. Clare Cole
  3. Heidi Heppner
  4. Hope Mishkoff
  5. Katelyn Rager
  6. Brynn Schlaupitz
9-10 Girls
  1. Juliana Beckman
  2. Sydnie Behrmann
  3. Elizabeth Dickenson
  4. Clara Heppner
  5. Alexa Hoppenfeld
11-12 Girls
  1. Megan Bates
  2. Claire Buchanan
  3. Lillian Carr
  4. Samantha Lenox
  5. Katelyn Mclean
  6. McKenzie Nation
  7. Annika Phelps
  8. Ana Vernon
13-14 Girls
  1. Lauren Armao
  2. Emily Bowers
  3. Erin Cole
  4. Jacqueline Davis
  5. Celeste Greene
  6. Carleigh Hyser
  7. Chloe Paskins
  8. Chloe Phelps
  9. Ashley Robinson
  10. Elly Sherman

  • This meet is part of the USATF GA Cross Country Youth Developmental Series 2013
  • This is a USATF-sanctioned meet.
    • As a sanctioned event, for insurance purposes, a signed "Participant Waiver & Release Form" is needed for each participant.
    • Most clubs/athletes signed waivers at the Alpha Crush meet.  If you did not, please bring the waiver to this meet.
  • A USATF membership is *not* required.
  • See USATF calendar for additional sanctioned meets.
  • Award medals:
    • Top 10 individuals (8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14)
    • Top 5 individuals (15-16 and 17-18 combined)
    • Top 2 teams (8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14)
      • Team awards go "8 deep"; non-scoring runners "9 and above" do not receive medals
      • No team awards for 15-16 or 17-18 age divisions
  • Results (and awards) will be available approximately 30 minutes after the completion of each race.  The SMART Athletics timing crew tabulates the results from each previous race as the next race is underway.  Unforeseen circumstances (lost bib # numbers, athletes running in wrong race) may affect the amount of time needed to prepare these results.
Event Schedule:  Updated 10/28/2013 8:15 pm
10:00 am – Packet pick-up at timing tent near finish line 
10:15 am – Course walk-through
11:00 am – 2K – 8 & under girls
Note: For scheduling purposes we are allowing 30 minutes per race; factors beyond our control may affect the starting times of each subsequent race.
~11:30 pm – 2K – 8 & under boys
~12:00 pm – 3K – 9-10 girls
~12:30 pm – 3K – 9-10 boys
~1:00 pm – 3K – 11-12 girls
~1:30 pm – 3K – 11-12 boys
~2:00 pm – 4K – 13-14 girls, 15-16 girls, 17-18 young women
~2:30 pm – 4K – 13-14 boys, 15-16 boys, 17-18 young men

Course Information:

PREVIEW MEET: The entire course is grass, dirt surface, and some gravel. Spikes may be useful on the hills or if the course is wet. The course will open at 10:15 AM on Saturday. The walk-thru will be at 10:15 AM. The course will be closed at 10:45 AM. No one will be allowed on the course for warm-up after this time. There is plenty of area for warm-up in the adjoining fields. No dressing facility or public water is available. Restrooms are located near the parking lot of the facility.

  1. Remember we are guests of Heritage Christian Church.
  2. Barbecuing will not be allowed on site.
  3. Please do NOT bring loud radios or music, pets, or unnecessary distractions to the meet.
  4. Please keep the facility clean. Place trash in the waste receptacles near you before leaving.
  5. Alcoholic beverages will not be allowed.
  6. Parking only in the designated parking areas. Please no stopping along the entry way. Move into the parking lot for unloading and loading.
!!!Note: There is a high school meet prior to our meet. If you arrive prior to 9:30am, you may be charged a parking
fee so please plan to arrive after that time. There will not be a parking fee for our meet.
Alpha Crush Running Club,
Oct 28, 2013, 5:28 PM
Alpha Crush Running Club,
Oct 28, 2013, 5:28 PM