Meet - Etowah High School - May 3, 2014

Meet host: Etowah Youth Track Club
Meet location: Etowah High School
Etowah High School, Putnam Ford Drive, Woodstock, GA (Google Maps)

From Etowah, our meet host:
Some last minute details. Below is an overhead view of the track with some comical mark ups on it for reference.  As you can see, two of the three gates for access to the track will be locked.  Only the eastern one will be open for access.  There will be a monitor there as only athletes and coaches are allowed on the field.  This will be strictly controlled.

There will be no parking allowed at the west end of the track near the shot put pit.  This is reserved for EYTC coaches, officials and the timing company only.  No one will be allowed to park along the access road on the west end of the track.  If available, you can park in the tennis courts parking lot to the south but there are minimal spots.  Otherwise, please use the main school parking lot.   There is no construction going on this year but the routes have changed slight.  There are signs and you do use the main entrance.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. 

Note: This page is for Alpha Crush parents, athletes and coaches.

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Meet entry deadline is April 30th, 9:00 pm.

Team Entries (511 total athletes)
  • Walton - 138
  • Kennworth - 114
  • Etowah - 89
  • Alpha Crush - 51
  • Woodstock - 51
  • YMCA - 34
  • Great Strides - 19
  • Smyrna - 1
  • Unattached - 14
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Event limits: 
  • Competitors in the 8 and under, 9-10 or 11-12 year old divisions may enter a maximum of three individual events. 
  • Competitors in the 13-14, 15-16 or 17-18 year old divisions may enter a maximum of four individual events.  
  • Additionally, Competitors may also enter the 4x100 and/or 4x400 relay events.
Note: This meet begins at 8:30 am with the 3000m race.

Parents, please read, especially if you are new to track and field:
List of Running Events
Note about "estimated" times: With the exception of the 3000m run, we cannot tell you with certainty when a particular running event will start.  The "pace" of the meet depends on the number of athletes competing, the number of heats required, and the ability of the meet hosts to keep things running quickly.  This is referred to as a "rolling start"; the next event is started when the previous event is completed.  We hope to improve our estimates once we know how many total athletes have entered the meet (this information should be available after the meet deadline.)  See document below for a more detailed estimated schedule [as of 5/1/2014 4:45 pm].
  • 3000m run - start time 8:30 am
    • USATF Rule 301 - Only athletes in the 11-12 age division (and older) are eligible for the 3000m run.
  • 400m dash (estimated 9:15 am)
  • 1500m run (estimated 10:20 am)
  • 100m dash (estimated 11:55 am)
  • 800m run (estimated 12:25 pm)
  • 200m dash (estimated 1:10 pm)
  • 4x100m relay (estimated 2:10 pm)
  • 4x400m relay (estimated 2:30 pm)
Matthew Chestnut,
May 1, 2014, 5:09 PM