Meet - USATF GA Association Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships - November 15, 2014

Heritage Christian Church
2130 Redwine Rd, Fayetteville, GA 30215

Meet Entry:
Alpha Crush Parents and High School Athletes: Meet entry deadline 8:00 pm, Wednesday, November 12. 
  • Details about The Competitive Season - Cross Country 2014.
  • Meet entry
    • Meet entry for Alpha Crush team members and Alpha Crush high school athletes is done here.
    • Alpha Crush club administrators will make the entries into Coach O on your behalf.
  • Entry fees
    • For high school athletes, entry fee is $10, payable to Alpha Crush Running Club.
    • For Alpha Crush registered athletes, your entry is paid for by the club registration fee.
  • USATF memberships
    • High school athletes can purchase/renew USATF memberships via this link.  The cost is $20.
    • Alpha Crush is club #690.  This is needed to affiliate your membership with our club.
    • For Alpha Crush registered athletes, USATF memberships are administered by the club.
  • Age verification - required for competition
    • High school athletes can email age verification documents directly to  Or, if you prefer, email the document to and we will forward them on your behalf.
    • You must first have a USATF membership before you can be age verified.
    • From the "info.pdf" document attached below: MUST HAVE A VALID PROOF OF BIRTH on file with your USATF GA membership. Send proof of birth for new memberships to Linda Bommicino at or fax to 404-935-9046.
  • Uniforms
    • Alpha Crush Running Club members must run in their singlets.
    • High school athletes, we may have enough extra uniforms for all to wear; we will let you know the week of November 10th
    • USATF Rule 254APPAREL - The jersey or singlet worn by the members of a team in cross country shall be basically identical for each member in color and style, and must be clearly visible throughout the race, i.e., worn as the outer garment if other apparel items are worn underneath by one or more team members. Because of the nature of cross country running, the preferences of individual athletes in certain weather situations will allow other apparel items to vary widely without penalty.
  • Practice
    • We practice at Wills Park near the equestrian center (see map.)
    • We practice from 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm (now that we're back to standard time and it gets dark earlier.)
    • High school athletes are welcome to attend but are not required to come to practice.
Entries (as of 11/13/2014 6:45 pm)
Division Boys Girls Total
8 & under 74 60 134
9-10 99 73 172
11-12 114 105 219
13-14 94 90 184
15-16 43 43 86
17-18 32 13 45
Total 456 384 840

  • This is a USATF-sanctioned meet.
  • USATF age-verified membership is required.
  • See USATF calendar for additional sanctioned meets.
  • Award medals:
    • Top 30 individuals
    • Top 2 teams
  • Advancement to Region 4 [new numbers as of 11/13/2014]
    • Top 45 individuals
    • Top 8 teams
Event Schedule:
7:00 am to 2:00 pm – Packet pick-up at registration tent
9:10 am – Course walk-through begins
9:50 am – Course walk-though ends; course closed
10:00 am – 2K – 8 & under girls
10:30 am – 2K – 8 & under boys
11:00 am – 3K – 9-10 girls
11:30 am – 3K – 9-10 boys
12:00 pm – 3K – 11-12 girls
12:30 pm – 3K – 11-12 boys
1:00 pm – 4K – 13-14 girls
1:30 pm – 4K – 13-14 boys
1:50 pm – 5K – 15-16 girls / 17-18 young women
2:20 pm – 5K – 15-16 boys / 17-18 young men

Warm up Schedule:
Our proposed warm up schedule based on race times.
  • Meet at team tent at "warm up" time, 40 minutes before your race.  If you miss the scheduled warm up you will need to warm up on your own.
  • Be at the starting line at "starting line" time, 10 minutes before your race.
  • Time for awards is an estimate.

Course Information:
COURSE MAPS: Can be seen below in the page attachments.

MEET: The entire course is grass, dirt surface, and some gravel. Spikes may be useful on the hills or if the course is wet. The course will open at 9:10 AM on Saturday. The walk-thru will be at 9:15 AM. The course will be closed at 9:50 AM. No one will be allowed on the course for warm-up after this time. There is plenty of area for warm-up in the adjoining fields. No dressing facility or public water is available. Restrooms are located near the parking lot of the facility.

  1. Remember we are guests of Heritage Christian Church.
  2. Barbecuing not allowed on site.
  3. Please do NOT bring loud radios or music, pets, or unnecessary distractions to the meet.
  4. Please keep the facility clean. Place trash in the waste receptacles before leaving.
  5. Alcoholic beverages not allowed.
  6. Parking only in the designated parking areas. Please no stopping along the entry way. Move into the parking lot for unloading and loading.
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