Meet - USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships - December 13, 2014

Whispering Pines Golf Course
900 Harrelson Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC  29577

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Entries (as of 12/6/2014  8:00 am; registration is closed)
8 & under221234455

Packet Pick-up
Coach Matthew will pick up team packet for distribution at pasta dinner on Friday or at team tent on Saturday.

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremonies, a ‘Myrtle Beach Experience’, will be held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on Friday, Dec. 12.  Athletes should arrive at the South Carolina Hall of Fame area by 4:30 p.m. so they can be staged prior to parading into the venue, by Region, beginning at 5:00 pm. The ‘Myrtle Beach Experience’ begins at 4:30 p.m. for families and friends.

Alpha Crush athletes should wear their warm-up jacket.

Athlete Check-In on Race Day

All athletes must report to the staging area 30 minutes before the start of their races; only competing athletes are allowed in this area. Please observe all areas that are roped off and please obey all course monitor directions. Individuals and teams will have designated starting positions (box assignments).


Individual awards will be given to the top 25 athletes in each event. Team awards will be given to the top 3 teams in each age division. The awards ceremony will be held on Saturday, December 13 at 6:30 pm at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

Bib Numbers, Hip Numbers, and Chip Timing

Each athlete will be assigned a bib number, one hip number (to be worn on the left hip), and two data tags at packet pick-up. Athletes in all races will be required to wear all of these identifiers to ensure the races are properly scored.

Athletes must wear the bib number, hip number and data tags assigned to them. If any of these are lost or forgotten, replacements can be supplied at packet pick-up on the day of the race for a fee.

The bib number must be worn on the front of the athlete's outer layer of race clothing and cannot be folded or altered in any way. Each number will have a pull tab at the bottom. Do not remove the pull tab on the bottom of the bib or put safety pins through the tab. The hip number (worn on the left hip) should also be worn on the athlete’s outer layer of clothing.
Each athlete must wear one data tag on each shoe. One data tag may be kept as a souvenir and athletes must return the other data tag to the event organizers in the finish line area immediately after their race. Unreturned data tags will incur a charge of $25.

Event Schedule:
8:00 am – course open for walk through
8:45 am – course closed for walk through
9:00 am – 2K – 8 & under girls
9:30 am – 2K – 8 & under boys
10:00 am – 3K – 9-10 girls
10:30 am – 3K – 9-10 boys
11:00 am – 3K – 11-12 girls
11:30 am – 3K – 11-12 boys
12:00 pm – 4K – 13-14 girls
12:30 pm – 4K – 13-14 boys
1:00 pm – 5K – 15-16 girls 
1:30 pm – 5K – 15-16 boys
2:00 pm – 5K – 17-18 young women
2:30 pm – 5K – 17-18 young men
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