Meet - USATF Georgia Association Junior Olympic Outdoor Track & Field Championships - June 23-26, 2016

Requirement: Participation in the Association Preliminary meet
Advancement to Region 4 Championships: Top 12 individuals
Location: Lovejoy High School, 1587 McDonough Rd, Hampton, GA 30228

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From the Meet Director

As of 6/22/2016 6:13 pm
  • Thursday (800m) and Friday (200m prelims) 5pm events: as with anything in metro Atlanta, adjust for traffic. When you get off of the interstate, there is another 12-15 mile ride down a two lane highway to the stadium. 
  • Coaches meetings - On Thursday and Friday, we will have brief coaches meetings at 8:30am and 4pm. On Saturday, we will make an announcement for the coaches meeting.
  • 11-12 Boys Discus on Sunday - there is a typo on the schedule. This event will contest at 1:30; not 4pm as listed on the schedule
  • Volunteers - as always, we will need volunteer help throughout the meet. Please help us out where you can.
  • Coaches Bands and warm-up area - all coaches who have completed the background screen and Safesport will receive RED armbands. These bands will give you access to the warm-up/clerking area. No RED band, no access!

Steeplechase - Westlake High School

For the high school athletes competing in the steeplechase...
  • Steeplechase is held at Westlake High School on Friday, with the first heat at 6:00 pm.
  • They *may* combine 15-16 / 17-18 boys.  The girls will run first.
  • An Alpha Crush singlet is not required to compete.
  • Coach Matthew will be at Lovejoy High School that day, so will not be at the Westlake venue.
  • You do not need a bib number.  You will get a hip number when you check-in with the clerk at Westlake.

Meet Information and Schedule
  • Coach Matthew will be at the meet all 4 days.  He will pick-up the packet on Thursday and give to another coach to distribute bib #'s for the 800m athletes.
  • Live results link:
    • Link will also give you heat and lane assignments
  • Meet Entries - Coaches should download these entries
  • Meet information [Download] [Viewfrom the Meet Director [as of May 25].
  • Meet schedule [Download] [View] from the Meet Director [as of June 12].
    • When reading the schedule, look for "Running Events" or "Field Events".  Do not be confused by "Combined Events" on Thursday/Friday.
    • For the "Running Events", remember the age divisions are run from youngest to oldest, so an 8:00 am start for the 3000m does not mean all athletes are running at 8:00 am.  Coach Matthew will provide estimates for the running events once the entries are closed and the number of athletes is posted.
    • Sprint events, 100m/200m/400m, have qualifying rounds on Friday/Saturday then finals on Sunday.
  • Keep your bib!  All multi-event / multi-day athletes need to keep their bib # as it is the same bib # for each day.
  • We will not have a team tent as the events are spread throughout the weekend.
  • Top 12 in each age division/gender advance to Region Championships.
    • As of 6/20/2016, Top 12, not Top 8, advance to Region Championships.
  • For 100m/200m/400m qualifying rounds, Top 8 advance to the finals on Sunday.
    • As of 6/20/2016, Top 12, not Top 8, advance to Region Championships.  Regardless of what happens in the finals, Top 12 times from preliminary rounds advance.
  • Top 8 receive USATF award medals. Awards will be handed out on the field (listen for announcements) once an event is scored and has been posted for at least 45 minutes (to allow for corrections.)
  • See meet schedule links above for complete details.
  • Coach Matthew's event starting time estimates [as of 6/22/2016 9:13 am]
    • Note: Please use common sense when viewing these estimates and arrive in plenty of time before your event. The published schedule has each event starting at fixed times throughout the day on Saturday, with a rolling start for the age divisions within that event.
    • Detailed Estimates [Download] [View]
  • 100m (qualifying)  -  all age divisions  -  Saturday, June 25  -  1:15 PM
  • 100m (finals)  -  all age divisions  -  Sunday, June 26  -  10:45 AM
  • 200m (qualifying)  -  all age divisions  -  Friday, June 24  -  5:00 PM
  • 200m (finals)  -  all age divisions  -  Sunday, June 26  -  2:15 PM
  • 400m (qualifying)  -  all age divisions  -  Saturday, June 25  -  11:30 AM
  • 400m (finals)  -  all age divisions  -  Sunday, June 26  -  12:00 PM
  • 800m  -  all age divisions  -  Thursday, June 23  -  5:00 PM
  • 1500m  -  all age divisions  -  Sunday, June 26  -  8:00 AM
  • 3000m  -  all age divisions  -  Saturday, June 25  -  8:00 AM
  • high jump  -  09-10 boys  -  Saturday, June 25  -  9:00 AM
  • javelin  -  09-10 girls  -  Saturday, June 25  -  12:00 PM
  • javelin  -  11-12 boys  -  Saturday, June 25  -  10:30 AM
  • shot put  -  09-10 boys  -  Saturday, June 25  -  1:00 PM
  • steeplechase (Westlake HS)  -  17-18 boys  -  Friday, June 24  -  6:00 PM