Meet Entries - Walton XC, October 24

The Walton Youth XC meet will be at Wheeler High School on Sunday 10/24/10.  The walk-through begins at 1:00 p.m. and the racing will start with the sub-bantams at 1:30 p.m.

Original location was Wildwood Park in Marietta, but the venue has been changed.

The meet will be held at the trails just behind Wheeler High School.  When you get to the school, go to the large parking lot directly behind the football stadium (which is directly behind the school) and next to the baseball field.  There is a road on the immediate right side (as you are facing the school) of the school property that takes you back to the football parking lot.  Go to the far left side of the parking lot and you will see the entrance to practice football field which is where registration and the start of the races will take place.

Wheeler High School
375 Holt Road, N.E.
Marietta, GA 30068

Wheeler High School

Meet Entries (as of 10/24/2010 12:30 pm)
Sub-Bantam Girls
  1. Maddie Greenway
  2. Ella Terrell
Sub-Bantam Boys
  1. Dakota Job
  2. Aidan Kellermeyer
  3. Harry Smy
Bantam Girls
  1. Beth Banister
  2. Alyssa Kolls
  3. Ashley Robinson
  4. Izzy Smy
Bantam Boys
  1. Hayden Fravel
  2. Patrick Hablas
  3. Jack Hoben
  4. Matthew Lempner
  5. Nick Lyon
  6. Connor Slawin
Midget Girls
  1. Catherine Daly
  2. Lauren Olsen
  3. Eliza Taylor
Midget Boys
  1. Connor Fleming
  2. Camden Harman
  3. Bryce Meyer
  4. Dalton Rice
  5. Ryan Smy
  6. Noah Terrell
  7. Stewart Wood
Youth Girls
  1. Sunshine Flamer
Youth Boys
  1. Brad Banister
  2. John Fravel
  3. Ian George
  4. Matthew Johnson
  5. Bjorn Leicher
  6. Clay Marshall
  7. Luke McKenna
Intermediate Girls
  1. Amanda Johnson

Meet Entry