Meet Entries - Peachtree City XC, October 30

USATF GA Association Preview Meet
Oak Grove Elementary / Braelinn Recreation Center
Peachtree City, GA

Parents: Enter your athlete's information in the form at the bottom of this page if they intend to compete.

Team registration will be handled by Spirit coaches at the CoachO registration site.  CoachO registration closed midnight, Thursday, October 28.  Spirit team registration closed at 9:00 pm on Thursday, October 28.

An age-verified USATF membership is not required for this meet.  However, pre-registration is required.

Here are the list of entrants on the CoachO site.

AWARDS: USATF Ribbons will be awarded to the first ten finishers in each age division. The top three (3) teams in each division will receive an award.

THE COURSE: The entire course is grass, dirt surface, and some gravel. Spikes may be useful on the hills or if the course is wet.The course will open at 8:00 AM on Saturday. The walk-thru will be at 8:30 AM. The course will be closed at 9:30 AM. No one will be allowed on the course for warm up after this time.  First race, 10:00 AM. There is plenty of area for warm up in the adjoining fields. No dressing facility or public water is available. Restrooms are located near the parking lot of the facility. There will be a concession stand and photographer.

More details in document attached to this page.

See the course map attached to the bottom of this page.

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Please bring a copy of this acknowledgment and a copy of any fee payment receipts when you come to the meet.
Registration session: 1545

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REVISED: 10-30 USATF Georgia XC Preview Meet entries for Spirit Alpharetta Ymca

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Sub-Bantam 2000m run
[ ] Dakota Job A
[ ] Aidan Kellermeyer A
[ ] Harrison Smy A

Bantam 3,000m
[ ] Hayden Davis A
[ ] Hayden Fravel A
[ ] Patrick Hablas A
[ ] Matthew Lempner A
[ ] Nicholas Lyon A
[ ] Connor Slawin A

Midget 3,000m
[ ] Bryce Meyer A
[ ] Ryan Smy A
[ ] Stewart Wood A

Youth 4,000m
[ ] Brad Banister A
[ ] Joshua Cole A
[ ] John Fravel A
[ ] Bjorn Leicher A
[ ] Clay Marshall A

Sub-Bantam 2000m run
[ ] Maddie Greenway A

Bantam 3,000m
[ ] Beth Banister A
[ ] Alyssa Kolls A
[ ] Isabelle Smy A

Midget 3,000m
[ ] Lauren Olsen A
[ ] Eliza Taylor A

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