Meet Entries, USATF Association Championship, June 17-20

As of 06/11/10 4:04 pm.  Registration fees paid; entries finalized.

Send email to if you have any questions.
Team: 0345 Spirit Alpharetta Ymca
Meet: 06-17 USATF Georgia JO Association Championships

Brandon Albright
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 100m dash 17.58
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 200m dash 37.33
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 400m dash 1:32.31

Kaz Bray-Gates
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 100m dash 16.23
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 200m dash 33.32
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 400m dash 1:17.14

Malachi Chipp
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 200m dash 35.54
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 400m dash 1:21.83
DECLARE Sub-Bantam long jump 2.35

Cameron Dorsey
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 100m dash 17.32
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 200m dash 37.99
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 400m dash 1:36.21

Marcus Perez
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 200m dash 40.69
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 800m run 3:40.91
DECLARE Sub-Bantam long jump 2.67

Dwight Albright
DECLARE Bantam 100m dash 14.89
DECLARE Bantam 200m dash 30.38
DECLARE Bantam 400m dash 1:10.62

Hayden Davis
DECLARE Bantam 800m run 2:51.95
DECLARE Bantam 1500m run 5:41.06

Hayden Fravel
DECLARE Bantam 800m run 3:09.57
DECLARE Bantam 1500m run 5:58.56

Ameer Gray
DECLARE Bantam 100m dash 15.01
DECLARE Bantam 4x100m A

Matthew Lempner
DECLARE Bantam 800m run 3:16.07
DECLARE Bantam 1500m run 6:38.36

Reid Schulz
DECLARE Bantam javelin throw 26.80
DECLARE Bantam shot put 6.64
DECLARE Bantam triathlon NM
DECLARE Bantam 4x100m A

Davis Smith
DECLARE Bantam 200m dash 30.74
DECLARE Bantam long jump 4.10
DECLARE Bantam triathlon NM
DECLARE Bantam 4x100m A

Immanuel Thomas
DECLARE Bantam 100m dash 16.99
DECLARE Bantam 400m dash 1:21.20

Ryan Thomas
DECLARE Bantam 100m dash 14.91
DECLARE Bantam long jump 3.39
DECLARE Bantam high jump NM
DECLARE Bantam triathlon NM

Soloman Vanhorse
DECLARE Bantam 100m dash 14.42
DECLARE Bantam 200m dash 30.85
DECLARE Bantam triathlon NM
DECLARE Bantam 4x100m A

Dakota Warfield
DECLARE Bantam 200m dash 35.46
DECLARE Bantam javelin throw 21.73
DECLARE Bantam high jump NM
DECLARE Bantam triathlon NM

Kevin Watkins
DECLARE Bantam 400m dash 1:19.64
DECLARE Bantam shot put 4.63

Joshua Bell
DECLARE Midget 100m dash 14.61
DECLARE Midget 80m hurdles 16.83
DECLARE Midget 4x100m A

Paul Butler
DECLARE Midget 400m dash NM
DECLARE Midget 80m hurdles 16.10
DECLARE Midget 4x100m A

Mack Dickie
DECLARE Midget 100m dash 14.53
DECLARE Midget 4x100m A

Brady Hollingsworth
DECLARE Midget 100m dash 14.80
DECLARE Midget 200m dash 32.90

Zachary Lodigensky
(scratched; scheduling conflict)

Sean McDonough
DECLARE Midget 100m dash 15.89
DECLARE Midget 200m dash 33.25
DECLARE Midget high jump NM

Garrison Ramey
DECLARE Midget 100m dash 13.70
DECLARE Midget 80m hurdles 14.97
DECLARE Midget pentathlon NM
DECLARE Midget 4x100m A

Brad Banister
DECLARE Youth 1500m run 5:12.96
DECLARE Youth 3000m run NM

John Fravel
DECLARE Youth 800m run 2:41.45
DECLARE Youth 1500m run 5:36.56
DECLARE Youth 3000m run NM

Ian George
DECLARE Youth 3000m run NM

Jonathan Kwateng
DECLARE Youth 100m dash 12.79
DECLARE Youth 200m dash 25.96

Remy Lazarus-Chipp (scratched)

Alex Luegers (scratched; unable to attend meet)
DECLARE Youth 400m dash 1:19.74
DECLARE Youth 1500m run 6:05.13

Vincent Myers
DECLARE Youth 200m dash 27.11
DECLARE Youth 400m dash 59.53
DECLARE Youth 800m run 2:29.97

Chase Nelson
DECLARE Youth 100m dash 11.99
DECLARE Youth 200m dash 25.27
DECLARE Youth shot put 1.03 (will be corrected to 10.83)

Christian Roberts-Wallace (scratched; unable to attend meet)
DECLARE Youth 100m dash 14.23
DECLARE Youth 200m dash 30.22
DECLARE Youth 400m dash 1:09.91
DECLARE Youth 100m hurdles 21.81

Brian Slewitzke
DECLARE Youth 1500m run 5:20.12

Rustin Suter
DECLARE Youth 100m dash 13.07
DECLARE Youth 200m dash 26.53
DECLARE Youth 400m dash 1:03.18

Todd Blackwell
DECLARE Intermediate shot put 7.58
DECLARE Intermediate high jump NM

Julian Butler
DECLARE Intermediate 800m run 2:19.41
DECLARE Intermediate 1500m run 4:48.23
DECLARE Intermediate high jump NM

Deandre Watkins
DECLARE Intermediate 400m dash 56.34
DECLARE Intermediate 400m hurdles NM
DECLARE Intermediate long jump 5.17


DECLARE Boys 'A' Bantam 4x100m 59.22
(Ameer Gray, Reid Schulz, Davis Smith, Soloman Vanhorse)

DECLARE Boys 'A' Midget 4x100m 55.41
(Joshua Bell, Paul Butler, Mack Dickie, Garrison Ramey)

SCRATCH Boys 'A' Youth 4x100m 54.30


Kennedy Goss
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 100m dash 16.43
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 400m dash 1:18.25
DECLARE Sub-Bantam long jump 2.96

Mia Moore
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 200m dash 38.37
DECLARE Sub-Bantam 400m dash 1:23.83
DECLARE Sub-Bantam long jump 2.41

Micah Beasley
DECLARE Bantam 100m dash 17.85
DECLARE Bantam 200m dash 36.08
DECLARE Bantam 400m dash 1:27.91

Zoryn Bray-Gates
DECLARE Bantam 200m dash 32.93
DECLARE Bantam 800m run 2:53.53
DECLARE Bantam 4x400m A

Amanda Hogg
DECLARE Bantam 100m dash 17.47
DECLARE Bantam 200m dash 36.26
DECLARE Bantam javelin throw 12.29
DECLARE Bantam triathlon NM

Maya Lacy
DECLARE Bantam 100m dash 15.91
DECLARE Bantam 200m dash 33.99
DECLARE Bantam 4x400m A

Liliana Martinez
DECLARE Bantam 400m dash 1:29.44
DECLARE Bantam 800m run 3:30.60

Nia Perryman
DECLARE Bantam 200m dash 32.57
DECLARE Bantam 400m dash 1:16.59
DECLARE Bantam 4x400m A

Niara Ratliff
DECLARE Bantam 100m dash 15.19
DECLARE Bantam 200m dash 32.20
DECLARE Bantam 4x400m A

Megan Tantillo
DECLARE Bantam 4x400m A

Nia Brown
DECLARE Midget 100m dash 15.05
DECLARE Midget 200m dash 32.81

Ava Buffa
DECLARE Midget 400m dash 1:14.41
DECLARE Midget long jump NM

Caitlin Hogg
DECLARE Midget 1500m run 6:08.89
DECLARE Midget 3000m run NM

Zaida Kates
DECLARE Midget 100m dash 14.26
DECLARE Midget 200m dash 29.95
DECLARE Midget 400m dash 1:16.13

Lauren Olsen
DECLARE Midget 800m run 2:45.32
DECLARE Midget 1500m run 5:41.51
DECLARE Midget 3000m run NM

Isabella Tremble
DECLARE Midget 100m dash 14.11
DECLARE Midget 200m dash 29.12
DECLARE Midget long jump 4.16
DECLARE Midget pentathlon NM

Kia Carson
DECLARE Youth 100m dash 13.53
DECLARE Youth 200m dash 27.50
DECLARE Youth long jump 4.07
DECLARE Youth 4x100m A

Karah James
DECLARE Youth 100m dash 14.79
DECLARE Youth 200m dash 30.54
DECLARE Youth long jump 3.37
DECLARE Youth 4x100m A

Ciera Lynch
DECLARE Youth 100m dash 13.61
DECLARE Youth 200m dash 28.16
DECLARE Youth long jump 4.61
DECLARE Youth 4x100m A

Monae Reid
DECLARE Youth 100m dash 16.23
DECLARE Youth 200m dash 31.09
DECLARE Youth 400m dash 1:13.57

Laura Schulz
DECLARE Youth pentathlon NM

Autumn Smith
DECLARE Youth triple jump NM

Sydne Vanhorse
DECLARE Youth 100m dash 13.67
DECLARE Youth 200m dash 28.30
DECLARE Youth 400m dash 1:06.26
DECLARE Youth 4x100m A

Kathleen Flagg
DECLARE Intermediate 400m dash 0
DECLARE Intermediate triple jump NM

Kirsten Schulz
DECLARE Intermediate 800m run 2:47.09
DECLARE Intermediate 1500m run 5:44.42


DECLARE Girls 'A' Youth 4x100m 53.94
(Kia Carson, Karah James, Ciera Lynch, Sydne Vanhorse)

DECLARE Girls 'A' Bantam 4x400m 5:12.34
(Zoryn Bray-Gates, Maya Lacy, Nia Perryman, Niara Ratliff, Megan Tantillo)