Meet Entry - 2016 Cross Country

Alpha Crush Meet Entry Instructions
This form is for Alpha Crush parents and Alpha Crush high school athletes only.
  • Meet entry page - this is where you go to create a new meet entry
    • If you need to edit an existing entry, use the "Edit your response" URL you saved or were sent via email.  See below for details.
  • View meet entries (updated every 5 minutes)
  • Keep in mind that these Meet Entries are not the official meet entries.  The data in the meet entry lists here on the Alpha Crush web site are manually transferred into other systems (,, depending on the meet.
Who should complete a meet entry form?
  • Ideally, all registered athletes should have a meet entry form completed by their parent.
    • Changes can be made up to the deadline for each meet, so if you change your mind later, no problem.
  • Completing the form lets our coaches know what your athlete intends to do.
  • Even if it is "no" to every meet, we'd like you to complete a meet entry form.
"I missed the entry deadline...can I still enter the meet?"
  • For middle school meets, no.
  • For USATF championship meets, no.
  • For developmental meets, maybe. 
  • Our advice?  Don't miss the entry deadline.
Making changes to your meet entries
When making a "change", be sure to answer all questions on the form, as each submission needs to be complete. 
  • Ideally, when making a change, you would use the "Edit your response" URL that you saved or that Coach Matthew sent you.  This helps eliminate duplicate entries that Coach Matthew has to clean up.
  • Also, Coach Matthew will follow-up within 24 hours of your initial meet entry submission with the "Edit your response" URL, for your convenience, just in case you didn't save it yourself.
  • Email Coach Matthew if you did not save the "Edit your response" URL and he will email it to you.
What happens to the meet entries
  • Alpha Crush administrative staff (i.e. Coach Matthew) takes the information from the Alpha Crush meet entry page and creates the "real" meet entries in the appropriate web site, e.g. Georgia MileSplit, or Coach O.
  • Meet entry fees are included in the club registration fee unless otherwise noted.  At this time all meet entry fees are covered by the club registration fee.
Middle School Meet Schedule
We participate in a series of middle school meets that range in distance from 3000-3200 meters (3218 meters is 2 miles.) In all middle school meets, athletes in 6th-8th grade are eligible. In some middle school meets we have a bit more flexibility in age of entrants. Younger athletes may be able to compete if they are capable of running 2 miles in under 22 minutes (boys) or 24 minutes (girls). Talk to Coach Matthew if you have questions.

Note: Do not be concerned if you do not have an Alpha Crush uniform for these middle school events. We will attempt to provide all athletes with some type of Alpha Crush shirt. We plan to have our uniforms arrive before the Alpha Crush meet September 18.
  • 8/20 - Pickens Preview, Roper Park, Pickens, GA
    • 6th-8th grade only
    • 7:45 am - middle school boys 3200m
    • 8:15 am - middle school girls 3200m
    • Meet Information
  • 9/10 - Covered Bridge Invitational, Garrard Landing Park, Roswell, GA
    • 6th-8th grade plus younger, capable athletes
  • 9/24 - Wingfoot XC Classic (Atlanta Track Club), Sam Smith Park, Cartersville, GA
    • All ages (they say 8 yrs through 8th grade); 2-mile distance
USATF Developmental Meet Schedule
All Alpha Crush athletes are eligible and encouraged to enter. These are low key events where athletes can test their training. See our USATF Junior Olympics page for details on age divisions and distances.
  • 9/11 - Sunday  Marietta Track Club  Marietta High School
  • 9/18 - Sunday – Alpha Crush Running Club – Milton High School, Milton, GA
  • 10/1 - Saturday – Etowah Youth Track Club – Boling Park, Canton, GA
  • 10/22 - Saturday – Boundary Waters Park, Douglasville, GA
  • 10/29 - Saturday – USATF XC Preview – Heritage Christian Church, Fayetteville, GA
USATF Competitive Meet Schedule
All Alpha Crush athletes are eligible and encouraged to enter.
  • 11/12 - USATF GA Association Junior Olympic XC Championships – TBD
  • 11/19 - USATF Region 4 Junior Olympic XC Championships TBD
  • 12/10 - USATF National Junior Olympic XC Championships – Hoover, Alabama