Meet Results - Alpharetta High School - May 21, 2011

The results files attached below contain the track & field results for the Spirit meet, incorporating the comments and corrections I’ve received.  I am considering these results Final unless told otherwise.  There are two results files, by heat and compiled.
  • MG/BB/BG/SBB/SBG 3000m - The first heat of the 3000m was only 2600m (one lap short) though some runners did run the requisite laps.  So times and places are not available
  • 100m Sub-Bantam - Initially the timing sheets were applied out of sequence to the heats for 100m SBG heat 3 and 100m SBB heats 1,2,3.
  • There were a number of adjustments of putting athletes into the proper age divisions for various heats.
  • 4x400m and 4x100m relays had mixed age divisions and genders in some heats; let me know if I did not separate a particular relay team in the appropriate group
  • 4x100m MG Heat 2; clock started early; handwritten times for first 2 places provided offset to calculate all places
  • 1500m SBG/SBB/BG; clock started 22 seconds early; times adjusted accordingly
Coach Matthew Chestnut
SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA

Meet Summary

Medal Count