Meet Results - August 19, 2017 - Pickens Preview, Roper Park, Jasper, GA

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  • The "Improvement" column, on the report as "Improv", compares the athlete's performance to their best time, height or distance in the database.
  • A negative value is an improvement over their previous best.
  • A positive value is how far off the athlete was from their previous best.
  • A "---" means no personal best exists in the database for that athlete for that event.
Boys Team 16th place (out of 24 teams)
419 finishers
  • 19th place, Timmy Cole, 12:28.6
  • 40th place, Clark Bilderback, 13:09.9
  • 120th place, Gabriel Ceniza, 14:28.1
  • 134th place, Andrew Gavin, 14:40.5
  • 275th place, Caleb Tyler, 16:34.2
  • 294th place, Josh Brunner, 16:54.9
3rd place, Joey Vos, Alpha Crush, running for Liberty Middle School, 11:44.7.  Alpha Crush would've placed 9th with Joey's points.

Girls Team 11th place (out of 22 teams)
341 finishers
  • 12th place, Claire Shelton, 13:50.3
  • 20th place, Ella Grace Malcom, 14:07.5
  • 75th place, Madison Ashe, 15:23.1
  • 92nd place, Ryan Norris, 15:46.2
  • 225th place, Ava Tyler, 18:50.9
  • 248th place, Kayden Stanley, 19:32.2