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Our mission is to help athletes that want to run high school distance get ready while they can, in middle school (and earlier!)  High school distance running is challenging and takes a couple years of training. So to hit the ground running, as it were, you need good preparation.  

We provide track and cross country coaching to boys and girls ages 7 - 18 living in the north Fulton County cities of Alpharetta, Canton, Cumming, Johns Creek, Milton and Roswell.

In track, our athletes focus on the 1500m/1600m/1-mile, 3000m/3200m/2-mile events and distance relays.  As a by-product of this distance training some athletes also participate in the 800m event.  We do not train for sprint events (distances of 400m or less) or field events (such as long jump, high jump, etc.)  In cross country the distances are determined by the athlete's age division and are 2K, 3K, 4K and 5K in length.

See our frequently asked questions page for more details about the USATF youth age divisions and our registration information page for more details about our club.

Latest News

  • 2016 USATF Region 4 Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships
    2016 USATF Region 4 Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships
    Top 30 individuals / Top 5 teams advance to National Championships

    8 & under boys
    • 4th place, James Reed
    • 15th place, Grey Donner
    • 28th place, Jacob Grant
    9-10 girls
    • 3rd place, Heidi Heppner
    • 5th place, Brynn Schlaupitz
    • 15th place, Sarah-Corri Collins
    • 30th place, Ryan Norris
    2nd place team - Heidi Heppner, Brynn Schlaupitz, Sarah-Corrine Collins, Ryan Norris, London Ray, Ella Grace Malcom, Clare Cole, Anna Grant

    9-10 boys
    • 11th place, Tim Kernan
    • 17th place, Andrew McCabe
    • 19th place, Micah Villanueva
    • 28th place, Whit Donovan
    • 29th place, Timmy Reed
    2nd place team - Tim Kernan, Andrew McCabe, Micah Villanueva, Whit Donovan, Timmy Reed, Aidan Hicks

    11-12 girls
    • 2nd place, Clara Heppner
    • 17th place, Hannah Reed
    • 19th place, Alexa Hoppenfeld
    2nd place team - Clara Heppner, Hannah Reed, Alexa Hoppenfeld, Claire Shelton, Chatham Ash, Faith Hirschi, Lauren Reed, Millie Bowen

    11-12 boys
    • 20th place, Ryan Hoppenfeld
    • 24th place, Timmy Cole
    13-14 girls
    • 6th place, Katelyn McLean
    • 7th place, Hannah Miniutti
    • 8th place, Jordan Walter
    • 16th place, Ariel Ellis
    • 20th place, Isabel Filipek
    1st place team - Katelyn McLean, Hannah Miniutti, Jordan Walter, Ariel Ellis, Isabel Filipek, Mary Rains, Julia Haley, Audrey Minton

    13-14 boys
    • 8th place, Hayden Marshall
    • 13th place, Luke Pelland
    • 22nd place, Eli Hoppenfeld
    • 24th place, Gram Russell
    • 28th place, Lucas Bekele
    3rd place team - Hayden Marshall, Luke Pelland, Eli Hoppenfeld, Gram Russell, Lucas Bekele, Lyle Donovan, Billy Moonan, Dylan Burns

    Posted Nov 19, 2016, 6:05 PM by Matthew Chestnut
  • 2016 USATF GA Association Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships

    Posted Nov 19, 2016, 6:04 PM by Matthew Chestnut
  • Results - Pickens Preview Middle School Cross Country meet - August 20, 2016
    Boys Team
    • 4th place (out of 18 teams)
    • Scoring runners: Joseph Vos, Zachary Bobak, Lucas Bekele, Timmy Cole, Billy Moonan
    • Top 5 boys team points: 87, 102, 110, *126*, 138
    Girls Team
    • 3rd place (out of 18 teams), lost in tie-breaker with 2nd place team
    • Scoring runners: Isabel Filipek, Sami Rickheim, Brynn Schlaupitz, Claire Shelton, Mary Rains
    • Top 5 girls team points: 103, 146, *146*, 147, 148 ... wow!
    Boys (370 finishers)
    • 12th place, Joseph Vos, 11:59.76
    • 14th place, Zachary Bobak, 12:05.68
    • 16th place, Lucas Bekele, 12:13.80
    • 28th place, Timmy Cole, 12:44.06
    • 66th place, Billy Moonan, 13:32.54
    • 68th place, Logan Ely, 13:35.32
    • 73rd place, Hayden Marshall, 13:37.30
    • 93rd place, Lyle Donovan, 14:00.16
    • 179th place, Whit Donovan, 15:27.57
    • 197th place, Grey Donner, 15:47.40
    • 240th place, Michael DeCarlo, 16:22.89
    • 273rd place, Josh Brunner, 17:23.60
    • 280th place, Joss Hufnagel, 17:32.87
    • 292nd place, Jack Fallon, 17:57.94
    • 297th place, Kevin Fallon, 18:01.63
    • 357th place, Dempsey Sutton, 23:15.59
    Girls (278 finishers)
    • 7th place, Isabel Filipek, 13:15.73
    • 14th place, Sami Rickheim, 13:53.55
    • 17th place, Brynn Schlaupitz, 13:58.39
    • 53rd place, Claire Shelton, 15:12.34
    • 62nd place, Mary Rains, 15:31.06
    • 75th place, Ryan Norris, 15:46.93
    • 147th place, Julia Haley, 17:19.45
    • 151st place, Audrey Minton, 17:20.91
    Posted Aug 20, 2016, 12:31 PM by Alpha Crush Running Club
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