Inclement Weather Policy

  • We will send out an email communication and Remind text if we know in advance we plan to cancel practice.
  • In reality, Coach Matthew is at Wills Park every practice day, regardless of weather, to make a last minute decision, so we don't normally send an email.
  • Often times rain is scattered and it is difficult to determine with certainty if it will affect practice.
  • Parents can always use their own best judgement if they want to try to bring their athletes to practice or not. Practice is not mandatory.
  • We will not run if lightning is in the area.
  • We may run if it is raining (depends on intensity and temperature.)
  • We may run if it is smoky from forest fires (depends on intensity.)
  • We may run if it is a bad air quality day (depends on intensity.)
  • We run if it is cold. Dress in layers. Wear gloves Bring clothes to "stand around in" for before and after the run.