Process for Changing USATF Club Affiliation

Process for Changing USATF Club Affiliation

After reviewing the request, the membership chair will either make the change in your member profile or request additional information.
  • Only an athlete (or his/her legal guardian) can request a club affiliation change (coaches may not make this request).
  • Send a "Club Transfer Request" as an e-mail to USATF GA Association membership chair -
  • Include the following:
  • Athlete's name and USATF membership number
  • The reason for requesting the change
  • Your current club affiliation (including "unattached")
  • The name of the new club you want to be affiliated with
    • Alpha Crush Running Club
    • USATF Club # 45-0690
  • The name of the event/meet, location, and date where you last competed for a USATF club (if applicable)


(Consult USATF Governance Handbook for Regulation 4)

To transfer representation from one club /organization to another, an athlete must not have competed for the first club in sanctioned competition for the previous ninety (90) days regardless of residency.

1. How long must an athlete wait prior to transferring from one club to another? 
There is a 90 day “waiting” period for transferring from one USATF  member club to another USATF member club (See Regulation 4-C-2). The 90 days is measured from the date the athlete last competed in a USATF sanctioned competition. An athlete is not eligible to represent a club in a USATF sanctioned competition if he/she has represented another club during the previous 90 days.

2. Where can representation occur? 
Representation can only occur in a USATF sanctioned competition. (See USATF Regulation 4-C-2). Thus, competition in an event not sanctioned by USATF does not constitute representation.

3. What factors may determine the intent of an athlete to represent a club?  
The following may be used to determine the athlete’s intention to represent a club: 
a) club name appears on a submitted entry form or seed card,
b) club affiliation is indicated in the results, and
c) club uniform is worn by the person.
A USATF membership application that indicates a club on it may be used to show intent if the date of application is proximate to the date of the competition in question.