Frequently Asked Questions

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We practice at Wills Park, Alpharetta, in the grass field near the equestrian center off of Wills Road from 6:00-7:30 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. When daylight savings time expires, we practice from 5:30-7:00 pm. Our schedule for pre-season group runs varies, so check our calendar for details.

Who are the coaches?

    • All club coaches are volunteers. They are individuals who take their personal time to instruct and coach your child. Please see this link for more details.

What are the different age groups and what is the birth date cutoff?

Does a parent need to be present at each practice and meet?

    • A parent is not required to remain at each practice/meet.

Who do we compete against?

  • Other youth track clubs located in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

What form of communication is used by the club to reach parents/athletes?

    • This web site will be the primary means of communication. E-mail communications will be sent as needed. Additionally, the coaches will be at practice a few minutes before and after the scheduled times to talk with parents or athletes to address any questions or concerns.

Are there additional expenses required by the athlete?

    • We will not ask for any additional money, however, the athletes are responsible for transportation to all meets. There are additional team shirts, bags, etc. for sale, but purchase is optional.

What running gear does my child need?

    • Your child will need to have a pair of athletic running shoes for practice and meets. Appropriate running attire should include warm ups, running shorts, long and short sleeved shirts. Athletes can use running shoes including trainers or racing flats.

Where can I buy running shoes?

    • You can buy running shoes at any of the sporting goods stores, e.g., Dick’s, The Sports Authority, as well as specialty running stores such as Fleet Feet, Big Peach Running, etc.

    • In cross country some kids will be wearing spikes (if the course permits.) Spikes are not a necessity. Please don't feel like you need to go out and purchase them. If you do decide to purchase spikes, please get "md" spikes (middle distance) or distance spikes. You will probably need to replace the spikes with 1/4" to 3/8" spikes. The shorter spikes can be used for track in the spring. Eastbay (online) usually has some good deals on clearance spikes ($10-$25). Dick's Sporting Goods sells spikes. Majority of runners at this age do not need spikes but a good majority will have them at the meet.

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