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USA Track & Field has been committed to creating a culture that clearly advocates, and provides for, a safe environment in which our athletes compete and train. We believe this is paramount to the success of all our programs.

For the safety of our athletes, particularly our youth athletes, as well as all our member participants, USATF adopted the USATF Safe Sport Program back in 2014. Safe Sport at USATF aims to prevent sexual misconduct and abuse, bullying, hazing, harassment, physical abuse, and emotional abuse in the sports of long distance running (LDR), race walking, and track and field. Our goal is to create a clear culture of awareness to protect the participants in our sports at all levels.

USATF’s Safe Sport Program includes elements of governance, advocacy, education and communication, and compliance and monitoring. Additionally, an important aspect of USATF's Safe Sport Program is the requirement that certain individuals within USATF be USATF 3-Step Safe Sport Compliant. 

USATF currently requires members of the following groups to be USATF 3-Step Safe Sport Compliant including, but not limited to: USATF National Office Staff, USATF Board of Directors, USATF registered coaches, club coaches, USATF certified officials, authorized athlete representatives, club leadership, National Team staff and other selected personnel, National Team Athletes, National Committee Chairs, Association leadership, Youth Executive Committee members, AAC Executive Committee members, AAC Event Leaders, contractors/vendors with access to athletes, and any other adult who has Authority and/or Regular Contact over athletes.

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How to become USATF 3-Step Safe Sport Compliant as part of the USATF Safe Sport Program

USATF Registered Coaches Program

The USATF Registered Coaches Program was conceived in 2010 to establish a set of standards for all coaches affiliated with USATF. The program involves a four-pronged process, which results in a published list of coaches who have demonstrated the ethics, honesty, trustworthiness, and sport knowledge necessary for endorsement by the national governing body. The centerpiece of the process is a comprehensive USATF Safe Sport Handbook which focuses on only the highest ethical and honorable standards. Registered coaches also carry with them the rights and privileges available only to those within the registry. 

To become registered as a USATF coach