Meet - Creekview Developmental Meet - May 7, 2022

Hosted by Creekview and Cherokee Youth Track Clubs

    • Location: Creekview High School, 1550 Owens Store Rd, Canton, GA 30115

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See also

    • Track splits - a useful chart for those who wish to monitor their pace

Information Provided by Meet Director

  • Meet Information [View]

  • Creekview High School Stadium Map [View]

  • To eliminate the issue of parents on the track infield, we will be issuing wrist bands only to Team Coaches and the volunteers from Creekview & Cherokee that are helping run the meet events. We will have only one gate open to access the track & infield and outside of athletes, only those with a wrist band will be allowed to pass through the gate. The wrist bands will be in your Meet packet when you pick it up from the Creekview tent the morning of the meet.

Entry Deadline - Tuesday, 5/3/2022, 8:00 pm

Event limits

  • Competitors may enter a maximum of three individual events.

  • Additionally, Competitors may also enter the 4x100 and/or 4x400 relay events. Historically, Alpha Crush does not typically have enough entries to form a relay team. But, if you stick around to the end when relays are run, we may find a team to put you on.

List of Running Events

With the exception of the first running event, we cannot tell you with certainty when a particular running event will start. The "pace" of the meet depends on the number of athletes competing, the number of heats required, and the ability of the meet hosts to keep things running quickly. This is referred to as a "rolling start"; the next event is started when the previous event is completed.

  • Having said that, following the meet entry deadline, Coach Matthew will prepare and provide a link to a spreadsheet that lists estimated starting times for each event. These time estimates are based on experience of how long a particular event takes, the order in which the events occur, and the number of athletes entered in each event.

    • Event Starting Time Estimates [Download] [View]

    • Note the "as of date/time" in the footer of the report.

    • Estimates are more accurate after registration closes and Coach Matthew has had time to process the data.

Track event list and order of events

The estimated starting times below in parenthesis (e.g. ~9:15am) are based on historical data not entry data for this particular meet.

  • 3000m run - start time 9:00 am

    • USATF Rule 301 - Only athletes in the 11-12 age division (and older) are eligible for the 3000m run.

  • (~9:30 am) sprint hurdles

    • 80m hurdles (11-12 G/B)

    • 100m hurdles (13-14 B & 13-18 G)

    • 110m hurdles (15-18 B)

  • (~9:50 am) 200m dash

  • (~10:30 am) 1500m run

  • (~11:45 am) 400m dash

  • (~12:45 pm) 100m dash

  • (~1:30 pm) 800m run

  • (~2:15 pm) 4x400m relay

  • (~2:45 pm) 4x100m relay