Meet - Creekview Developmental Meet - April 29, 2023

Hosted by Creekview Youth Track Club and Cherokee Youth Track Club

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Information Provided by Meet Director

We look forward to hosting you on Saturday, April 29!  As you are registering athletes for the Creekview/Cherokee Youth Track Invitational, I wanted to make sure that you have noticed that the order of events for this meet differs significantly from the first two meets of the season and the start time for running events is slightly different as well.   In alignment with USATF standards, we will again this year restrict entrance to the infield to coaches and Cherokee/Creekview volunteers helping to run our meet.  With all four field events accessible from the infield, this is a much larger issue at our track.  To manage this, we will be issuing wristbands, which will be in your coaches/bib packet at packet pick up at the Creekview Tent.  

Entry Deadline - Tuesday, 4/25/2023, 8:00 pm

Event limits - the *real* meet entries ... be sure to review for accuracy!

List of Running Events

With the exception of the first running event, we cannot tell you with certainty when a particular running event will start.  The "pace" of the meet depends on the number of athletes competing, the number of heats required, and the ability of the meet hosts to keep things running quickly.  This is referred to as a "rolling start"; the next event is started when the previous event is completed.

Track event list and order of events

The estimated starting times below in parenthesis (eg. ~9:30am) are based on historical data not entry data for this particular meet. Coach Matthew will provide more detailed *estimates* once registration closes and the number of athletes and heats are determined.