Meet - 2023 Alpha Crush XC Meet - September 16, 2023

 A USATF GA Association Youth Developmental


Event Registration

Meet Entry

Coach Matthew takes the information provided on the Alpha Crush meet entry selections page and makes the appropriate selections in, the system used for the "real" meet entries.

Inclement Weather Policy

If there is severe weather during the meet and here is the policy we will follow.

If there is lightning 10 miles away or less we must stop competition and leave the meet site.

We are planning to get the meet completed and will prevent delays if at all possible. We are going to try and stay on the published meet schedule and will not start the first race early.

If we have lightning during a race being run on the course the race will be stopped and everyone must leave the course. We will start the meet up again when possible; there will be at least a 30 minute delay before we can start again.



What time should we get there?

Award Medals

Results (and awards) will be available approximately 30 minutes after the completion of each race. The timing crew tabulates the results from each previous race as the next race is underway.  Unforeseen circumstances (lost bib # numbers, athletes running in wrong race) may affect the amount of time needed to prepare these results.



Event Schedule

Note: For scheduling purposes we are allowing up to 30 minutes per race. Factors beyond our control may affect the starting times of each race.

Facility and course map

Course description - 3 courses, 2 loops each

Intersections common to all courses and loops; follow direction of arrows on map

2K course

3K course

4K course

Course Video

Course information by Garmin

Course Length

Measured by Rolatape 32-415m measuring wheel.