Meet Results - AAU Cross Country Nationals - December 1, 2018

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    • The "Improvement" column, on the report as "Improv", compares the athlete's performance to their best time, height or distance in the database.

    • A negative value is an improvement over their previous best.

    • A positive value is how far off the athlete was from their previous best.

    • A "---" means no personal best exists in the database for that athlete for that event.

Complete Results

Notable Results

  • Claire Shelton, 15th place, 13 girls, AAU National Championship medalist, top 25 in age division


    • AAU National Championship medals will be awarded to the first twenty-five (25) individual places based on year of birth for all age divisions.

    • All American patches will be presented to the top 8 individual finishers in each age division