Meet Results - Etowah Youth Track Invitational - May 3, 2014

See Alpha Crush results attached as a PDF at the bottom of this page or you can click here.

[5/5/2014] Note: Etowah Youth Track Club is working with the timing company to fix some of the incorrect results. Let us know if you see any discrepancies in your time or placement in an event/heat.

[5/13/2014] Note: Etowah Youth Track Club has published a corrected set of results (see PDF file at bottom of this page.)

Attached are the updated results as best I could get. I received most, but not all, finish line camera image files so there are a couple of exceptions. The older boys 800m was not timed and had an incomplete finish line image. Heat 4 for the 13-14 boys 400 was not timed correctly and no image file was saved. There may be other mistakes but at this point, this is corrected to the best of my ability and time.