Meet - Georgia Middle School State Championships - April 15-16, 2022


    • Parkview High School, 998 Cole Drive Southwest, Lilburn, GA, 30047-5499

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Special Notes

  • All competitors must be in 6th, 7th or 8th grade.

  • This is an "unusual" meet in that only 2 athletes per event per gender can be entered into this meet. Coach Matthew will make the final decision if more than 2 athletes wish to compete.

  • In other youth meets we typically are able to enter all who wish to compete.

  • Alpha Crush will handle registration for the team competing in the meet.

Meet Information

  • Meet information provided by the meet host [link].

  • Meet host Smart Meets website.

  • Event Schedule can be found on this link.

Event Starting Time Estimates [Download] [View]

Entry Deadline - Saturday, 4/9/2022, 8:00 pm

  • Alpha Crush meet entries on [Download] [View]

Coach Matthew's Information

  • Keep your bib number! You must keep bib if competing multiple days. There is a charge to replace the bib numbers.


  • Parking map drawn by Coach Matthew [Download] [View]

  • Venue Layout [link]

  • Parking is a bit of a hassle at this high school.

  • The track is located around the football field.

  • There is one entrance to the school and stadium parking off Cole Drive.

  • From that main entrance, you go left to Lot #1 or right to Lots #2 and #3. Don't go straight, there is no parking that direction.

  • Parking Lot #2 on the map is the main lot.

  • Parking Lot #3 is only accessible from Lot #2.

  • Parking Lot #1 is in front of the school, a bit longer walk to the stadium.