Meet - USATF National Cross Country Championships - December 10, 2022

A USATF National Youth XC Meet


  • Dale Watts Cross Country Course, 3242 F and B Road, College Station , TX 77845

  • Here is the Google Maps.

Meet Information

Timing and Results


  • This is a USATF-sanctioned meet.

  • An age-verified USATF membership and advancement from Region 4 championships is required.

  • Alpha Crush has rented a 20' x 20' tent, with walls, 2 tables, and 20 chairs which will be "somewhere" in tent city. We will update this page once we know where it will be.

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Meet Entry

  • Meet entry deadline for Alpha Crush club members, Thursday, Dec 1st, 8:00 pm. Registration opens after the Region 4 Championship results have been processed for advancement.

  • Coach Matthew takes the information provided on the Alpha Crush meet entry selections page and makes the appropriate selections in, the system used for the "real" meet entries.

Alpha Crush meet entries by Age Division and Name [Download] [View]


All athletes must report to the clerking area at least fifteen (15) minutes before scheduled Race start time to ensure proper check-in; and only competing athletes will be allowed in the check-in area. Please respect all areas that are roped off and please obey all course monitors and their direction.

Starting Boxes will be assigned randomly and will vary in each race. Clerks will be assigning boxes at the line. In the event of any changes, teams and individuals are expected to follow any directions given by the clerks or other USATF personnel.

  • 9:00 am 7-8 Girls 2k - Box 7

  • 9:40 am 7-8 Boys 2k - Box 16

  • 10:20 am 9-10 Girls 3k - Box 9

  • 11:00 am 9-10 Boys 3k - Box 1

  • 11:40 am 11-12 Girls 3k - Box 14

  • 12:20 pm 11-12 Boys 3k - Box 13

  • 1:00 pm 13-14 Girls 4k - Box 2

  • 1:45 pm 13-14 Boys 4k - Box 13

  • 2:30 pm 15-18 Girls 5k - Box 14

  • 3:15 pm 15-18 Boys 5k - Box 7

Award Medals

  • Top 30 individuals

  • Top 3 teams

Advancement from Region to National

  • The top thirty (30) individuals and top five (5) teams in each age division at the Region Championship will advance to the National Championship, to be held on December 10th at College Station, TX.