The Competitive Season - Cross Country 2023

Developmental & Youth Meets

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USATF Junior Olympics



AAU Cross Country

Cross Country Race Distances


We compete in the following types of meets:

What do we mean by the "competitive season?" After all, in the middle school and developmental meets we compete against other teams and athletes.

We refer to the series of USA Track and Field (USATF) Junior Olympic meets as the competitive season. There are prerequisites and qualifying standards (described below.)

In the competitive season the "pressure" increases a bit, but not too much.

Remember that athletes are not required to compete, though we encourage them to do so!


USATF Junior Olympics / Qualifying Standards

USATF Georgia Association Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships

The following USATF meets have qualifying standards for entry per USATF Rule 306.3.

USATF Region 4 Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships

USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships

Commitment to participate

What is the "Declaration Roster"

A note about USATF advancement

A note about USATF "individual advancement"

The term "Advancement" applies to USATF Association and USATF Region meets.

A note about USATF "team advancement"

The term "Advancement" applies to USATF Association and USATF Region meets.

In each age division / gender we can have up to 8 athletes on a team with an unlimited number of teams, e.g team A, B, C, etc.  Only the top 5 runners on a team are scored.  The scoring is based on the order they finish. The finishing place for the 5 finishers are totaled and the team with the lowest score wins.

Eligible Athletes come from the Declaration Roster

When it comes time in the next round to determine the makeup of the team, we can choose any 8 athletes from the same age division on the declaration roster.  

An athlete can compete in the Region championships as a team member (not as an individual) even if they do not compete in the Association championships provided they are on the declaration roster prior to the Association meet. This same "Association to Region" pattern applies to the "Region to National" championships.

A note about "individual advancement" in conjunction with "team advancement"

Example: Assume we have 5 individual qualifiers and a 1st place team in a round of competition

This allows us to enter between 1 and 13 (5 + 8) in the next round of competition (with certain limitations.)

USATF Rules of Interest

USATF Rule 7.9(b) Team Scoring

USATF Rule 306.3(c)


Note: Do not confuse Rule 255 [Cross Country] with Rule 302.3(d) [Track]:

Track Relays: All participants shall wear a top of the same color. At Regional and National Championships, all participants shall wear a top of a same color as well as shorts of a same color. The Games Committee shall assign an individual to review colors of team uniforms in the clerking area. 


Below is the list of Meets and Other Events (group runs, team party, etc.)  See full team calendar.